Book shops are weird, you stand in front of a wall of books and suddenly you pick up one of hundreds, just from seeing the words on the spine, and say, “Yes. You will come home with me.”

Weird and magical.


so, i cut my hair again.

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make me choose → trojanwars asked: Howard Stark or Loki (in the first Thor)

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drink with me, to days gone by...

let’s build a barricade and from it fly

enjolras/grantaire cosplay, 09.22.14.

maybe it’s just because i’ve got les mis on the brain but go listen to chandelier and tell me that’s not grantaire’s song


I really don’t like doing self-promos, but I thought some of you may be interested.  So, as you may know, I run several sideblogs, some more popular or active than others.  About a week ago I started up a blog where I type anime characters according to the Myers-Briggs system.  I originally intended for it to be up in a few months to give me time to prepare some posts and to properly code a theme, but it’s progressed much more rapidly than originally expected.  The askbox is flooded with requests, and so I’m very busy with fulfilling them.

If you could perhaps spread the word by telling others who may be interested or checking it out yourself, it would be greatly appreciated!  (You can always send a request.) I’m both very nervous and excited that my first typing posts are queued to be posted tomorrow.

I hope you all had a fantastic day! :)


“Your mother was a brave woman.”
“I know.”


Why no emotions?
Because it hurts.